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Victim Assistance: Summary and Statements

Wednesday 23 June

1. Opening of the meeting

The meeting was opened by its Co-Chairs, Ambassador Mike Smith of the Australia and Ms. Dijana Plestina of Croatia, and, with the support of its Co-Rapporteurs Ms. Maria Pia Hernandez of Nicaragua and Ms. Mariann Murvoll of Norway.

2. Overview of the status of implementation

Ambassador Smith made a brief statement on the general status of implementation and introduced a background document prepared for the Standing Committee by the Implementation Support Unit. In addition, Ms. Becky Jordan delivered a statement on behalf of the ICBL.

  • Statement by Ambassador Mike Smith of Australia, Co-Chair of the Standing Committee
  • Progress and challenges in meeting the needs of landmine survivors: A compilation of information provided by the States Parties PDF 160KB  
  • ICBL

3. Updates from relevant States Parties on the status of implementation

The following States Parties provided updates on the problems they face, their plans, progress and priorities for assistance pertaining to the responsibility to provide for the care, rehabilitation and reintegration of landmine survivors:

In addition, the President-Designate of the First Review Conference shared his views.

  • Ambassador Petritsch of Austria, President-Designate of the First Review Conference

4. Introduction of the Raising the Voices initiative

The landmine survivors participating in the Raising the Voices initiative were introduced to the Standing Committee.

  • Marwan Abou Al-Ezz, Raising the Voices PDF 330KB

5. Updates on regional victim assistance initiatives

No delegation took the floor under the item updates on regional victim assistance initiatives.

6. Updates on assistance and cooperation

The Co-Chairs provided an opportunity for donors to share information on their activities as well as for all actors to discuss the means available to assist States Parties in meeting their obligations. The following took advantage of this opportunity:

7. Successful economic reintegration initiatives

The following shared information on specific economic reintegration efforts:

8. Prosthetics and orthopedic services

Ms. Becky Jordan, Co-Chair of the ICBL Working Group on Victim Assistance, provided an update on ongoing discussions intended to improve coordination between international actors involved in prosthetics and orthopedics. In addition, the Mr. Theo Verhoef of the ICRC provided an overview of the ICRC's 25-years of providing prosthetics and orthopedic services.

9. Physical accessibility

A participant from the Raising the Voices initiative took the floor to provide input on the matter of physical accessibility, introducing a checklist to assist the States Parties and others in preparing accessible events or conferences.

  • Accessibility checklist while preparing an event or conference Text PDF 29KB | Slides PDF 421KB

10. Other relevant thematic matters

The Landmine Survivors Network spoke on the matter of disability legislation. In addition, two States Parties contributed to the discussion under this item.

11. Towards the Review Conference

Ms. Wendy Batson of Handicap International provided an overview of lessons learned by specialized NGOs which may be of particular interest to the States Parties in preparing for the Review Conference. In addition, Ms. María Pía Hernández of Nicaragua, Friend of the President-Designate of the Review Conference, and the ICRC made contributions to this discussion.

  • Handicap International PDF 755KB
  • Ms. María Pía Hernández, Friend of the President-Designate

12. Closing of the meeting

The meeting was brought to a close by Co-Chair Ms. Dijiana Plestina of Croatia.

  • Remarks by Ms. Dijana Plestina of Croatia, Co-Chair of the Standing Committee PDF 11KB