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Parallel Programme for Victim Assistance Experts

Friday 27 April

Data Planning

  • Jane Brouillette, UNDP Uganda
    Working together to build a comprehensive plan in victim assistance PDF 2.2MB

  • Dr. Suzanne Fiederlein, Mine Action Information Center
    Landmine/ERW casualty data  PDF 145KB

  • Susan Helseth, UN MAC for Afghanistan
    Developing comprehensive plans of action for disability and victim assistance
    PDF 36KB | Slides PDF 1.4MB

  • Dr. David Meddings, WHO
    Injury surveillance: Establishing an injury surveillance system PDF 1.2MB


  • Simon Walker, UNHCR
    Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities PDF 27KB

  • Kirsten Young, LSN
    Legislation and Policy PDF 43KB | Slides PDF 435KB

Physical Rehabilitation

  • Bosnia and Herzogovina
    War victims rehabilitation project PDF 1.3MB

  • Isabelle Urseau, Handicap International
    Physical rehabilitation and CBR: Some lessons learned PDF 100KB

  • Claude Tardif, ICRC
    Implementing and managing physical rehabilitation programmes to promote full inclusion of persons with disabilities in society PDF 251KB | Slides PDF 156KB

  • Claude Tardif, LSN
    P&O Common Approach PDF 676KB | Slides PDF 244KB

  • Chapal Khasnabis, WHO
    Physical rehabilitation & community based rehabilitation (CBR) PDF 249KB

Psycho-Social Economic

  • Firoz Ali Alizada, Handicap International Afghanistan
    Psychological support and social and economic reintegration PDF 690KB

  • Dragana Bulic, Landmine Survivors Network
    Psycho-socio support for landmine survivors PDF 1.1MB

  • Veri Dogjani, AMAE
    The Albanian mine action programme "Victim assistance in Albania" PDF 403KB

  • Pia Korpinen, ILO
    Economic reinegration of land mine survivors PDF 134KB

  • Dr. Reykhan Muminova, Tajikistan Mine Action Center
    Psychological support and social reintegration for landmine survivors PDF 597KB