The following States Parties made statements during the General Exchange of Views:
Canada English PDF 66KBFrench PDF 81KB
Denmark PDF 91KB
South Africa PDF 52KB
• Belgium
• Argentina
• Mexico
• Malaysia
• Nicaragua
• Honduras
• Brazil
• Japan
• Chile
• Slovenia
• Bangladesh
• Czech Republic
• Bosnia and Herzegovina
• Burkina Faso
• Cambodia
Romania PDF 65KB
• New Zealand
• El Salvador
• Australia
• Colombia
Italy PDF 72KB
• Ecuador
Tunisia French PDF 85KB
• Slovakia
Croatia PDF 53KB
Germany PDF 45KB
Peru Spanish PDF 67KB
• Holy See
Kenya PDF 59KB
• Algeria
• Benin
Switzerland French PDF 70KB
Bulgaria PDF 93KB
Zambia PDF 47KB
• Guatemala
• Tajikistan
• Moldova, Republic of
• Senegal
• Yemen

The following State which has acceded to the Convention but for which the Convention has not yet entered into force made a statement during the general exchange of views:
• Afghanistan

The following observer organizations made statements during the General Exchange of Views:
European Commission PDF 91KB
• United Nations Development Programme