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Statements and Presentations

Tuesday 8 May

  • The International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) Ian Mansfield, UNDP PDF 9KB

  • The International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) Adrian Wilkinson, GICHD PDF 61KB
  • IMAS Implications in the Field Mohammed Younnus, Monitoring, Evalutation and Testing Agency (META), Afghanistan PDF 25KB

  • The Dismal Science Meets a Global Atrocity Ted Paterson, Social-Economic Analysis in Mine Action PDF 100KB
  • SAC Update Bob Eaton, WAF/SAC PDF 573KB

  • AMAC project Web Site http://www.prio.no/amac/

  • Use of Socio-Economic Analysis in Planning and Evaluating Mine Action Programmes Ian Mansfield, UNDP PDF 24KB


Wednesday 9 May

  • PF 5 - IST Research Effort for Humaniatrian Demining Pascal Collotte, European Commission, DG Information Society PDF 53KB

  • Demining R&D at TNO Ric Schleijpen, TNO-FEL PDF 1.5MB

  • Technology for Mine Clearance, an integral part of mine action Alois Sieber, European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC) PDF 196KB

  • Test and Evaluation of Humanitarian Demining Equipment and Methods Robert Suart, Canadian Centre for Mine Action Technologies PDF 18KB

  • Integration of technology into the UN 5 year strategy for mine action Statement by Ian Mansfield, UNDP PDF 4KB

  • Technology and the Mine Ban Treaty Patrick Blagden, GICHD PDF 12KB

  • Information Management System for Mine Action (IMSMA) Alan Arnold, GICHD PDF 52KB
  • Mine Action Investments: An Overview Stéphane Vigie, UNMAS PDF 145KB

  • IMSMA, Training and Deployment Thomas Bollinger, GICHD PDF 387KB
  • MAWG comments on co-ordination, ISCE Tim Carstairs, ICBL MAWG PDF 8KB
  • Web Site Index on Landmines Kjell Knudsen, ICBL PDF 82KB |  Site Index on Landmines www.icbl.org/index

  • Peru's Mine Clearance Report Peruvian Delegation PDF 3.8MB
  • Mine Clearance and Science René Joecklé, ARTID PDF 250KB
  • Proposals of the Russian Federation Concerning Participation in Humanitarian Demining Operations - Juri Osipovich, Russian Delegation PDF 23KB

  • Yemen Mine Action Program Colonel Mansour, Yemen PDF 2.7MB