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VA: Summary and Statements

Thursday 16 June - Friday 17 June

1.   Opening of the meeting

The meeting was opened by its Co-Chairs, Ms. Patricia Campbell of Nicaragua and Ms. Susan Eckey of Norway, with the support of its Co-Rapporteurs, Mr. Khalil Nasri of Afghanistan and Mr. Flavio del Ponte of Switzerland. 

2.   General overview on the status of implementation

The Co-Chairs made a statement on the general status of implementation of the obligation to assist mine survivors.

  • Statement by the Co-Chairs on the status of implementation Spanish PDF 41KB  

3.   Updates from States Parties on the status of implementation of Article 5

Of the 24 States Parties which have reported the responsibility for hundreds or thousands of landmine survivors, the following provided updates on the problems they face, their plans, progress and priorities for assistance:

In addition one State not party shared its experiences:

In addition to presentations by these States Parties, three experts respondents – Dr. David Meddings of the WHO, Dr. Claude Tardif of the ICRC and Ms. Sheree Bailey of the ICBL – provided comments in response to these presentations.

4.   Emergency medical care

The following experts provided scene-setting presentations on the topic of emergency medical care:

  • Dr. A. Reha and Dr. H. Husum of the Trauma Care Centre PDF 1MB
  • Mr. Mark Steinbeck, Head of sector of the ICRC's health services unit PDF 1MB

5.   Socio-economic reintegration

Experts from the following two States Parties provided scene-setting presentations on the topic of socio-economic reintegration:

6.   Cooperation and assistance

The following actors contributed to the discussion on cooperation and assistance:

  • Australia
  • Canada PDF 14KB 
  • Japan PDF 35KB 
  • ICBL
  • Ms. Susan B. Walker, Humanitarian Affairs Consultant