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What was decided at the 8MSP?

At the 8MSP, the States Parties considered and adopted the following actions:

Dead Sea Progress Report

The States Parties warmly welcomed the Dead Sea Progress Report as a practical means to measure progress in the application of the Nairobi Action Plan since the 7MSP and to identify priority areas of work for the period between the 8MSP and the 9MSP.

  • Dead Sea Progress Report (Unofficial Version)
    English PDF 407KB

Article 5 extension request voluntary template

The Meeting recalled that the 7MSP agreed to work further on a voluntary template proposed as the basis to facilitate preparation and assessment of extension requests, with a view to its finalisation by the conclusion of the 2007 intersessional meetings, so to enable its voluntary implementation until its formal adoption at the Eighth Meeting of the States Parties.  In this context, the Meeting adopted the template for assisting States Parties in requesting an extension under Article 5.

Proposal to amend the Article 7 reporting format

The Meeting considered the proposal made by the Co-Chairs of the Standing Committee on Stockpile Destruction that the Article 7 reporting format be amended to facilitate reporting on stockpiled anti-personnel mines discovered and destroyed after stockpile destruction deadlines have passed.  In the final plenary session, the Meeting adopted amendments to the Article 7 reporting format.

  • Proposal to amend the Article 7 reporting format
    English PDF 30KB

The selection of new Co-Rapporteurs of the Standing Committees

Pursuant to consultations undertaken by the Co-Chairs of the Standing Committee on the General Status and Operation of the Convention, the Meeting identified the following States Parties as the Standing Committee Co-Chairs and Co-Rapporteurs until the end of the Ninth Meeting of the States Parties:

  • Mine Clearance, Mine-Risk Education and Mine-Action Technologies: Canada and Peru (Co-Chairs); Argentina and Australia (Co-Rapporteurs);
  • Victim Assistance and Socio-Economic Reintegration: Cambodia and New Zealand (Co-Chairs); Belgium and Thailand (Co-Rapporteurs);
  • Stockpile Destruction: Lithuania and Serbia (Co-Chairs); Italy and Zambia (Co-Rapporteurs);
  • General Status and Operation of the Convention: Germany and Kenya (Co-Chairs); Chile and Japan (Co-Rapporteurs).

Dates for meetings in 2008

The Meeting agreed to set the dates of the 2008 meetings of the Standing Committees from 2-6 June 2008, and to hold the Ninth Meeting of the States Parties in Geneva the week of 24-28 November 2008.

Report on the Functioning of the ISU

The Meeting noted the Director of the GICHD’s report on the activities of the Implementation Support Unit (ISU).  States Parties expressed their appreciation to the GICHD for the manner in which the ISU is making a positive contribution in support of the States Parties’ efforts to implement the Convention.

Jordan is one of 42 States Parties in the process of fulfilling Article 5 mine clearance obligations.

Jordan is already benefiting from its demining efforts. Areas that once contained anti-personnel mines are now used for tourism and agriculture.