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Summary of Decisions and Actions

The Second Meeting of the States Parties (2MSP) provided the States Parties with a their first opportunity to assess the state of implementation. Between the 1MSP and 2MSP, a great deal of work was undertaken to assist the States Parties in implementing the Convention through the first Intersessional Work Programme.

The outcomes of this work were reported to the 2MSP in the form of Final Reports of "Standing Committees of Experts" that had been established by the States Parties at the 1MSP.

To increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the Intersessional Work Programme, the States Parties agreed to a series of adjustments. These adjustments included creating two one-week periods of meetings of Standing Committees and combining into one Standing Committee the topics of mine clearance and mine action technologies. In addition, the States Parties established the Coordinating Committee to coordinate matters relating to and flowing from the work of the Standing Committees with the work of the Meetings of the States Parties.

At the 2MSP, a "President's Action Programme" was developed for the first time as a practical means of facilitating implementation of the Convention in accordance with the recommendations made the Standing Committees.

On the basis of a President's Paper, the 2MSP considered and subsquently adopted an amendment to the format used to prepare annual transparency reports required under Article 7 of the Convention. "Form J" was established to provide the States Parties with the opportunity to report voluntarily on matters pertaining to compliance and implementation not covered by the formal reporting requirements, particularly to volunteer information on activities undertaken in accordance with the cooperation and assistance provisions contained in Article 6.

At the last plenary session of the 2MSP, the "Declaration of the Second Meeting of the States Parties" was adopted.