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Organization of American States

In the context of the European Union Council Decision 2017/1428, and to support OAS’ resolutions “The Americas as an Antipersonnel-Land-Mine-Free Zone” CP/CSH-478/02, and in particular that of “Support for Action Against Anti-personnel Mines in Ecuador and Peru” XXXIV-O/04, the OAS, together with the Governments of Ecuador and Peru and the Convention Secretariat (the Implementation Support Unit, ISU), held a two-day virtual Regional Dialogue on Humanitarian Demining on 10-11 February 2021. (Find the presentations and videos further below).


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Programe em português


Opening of the Regional Stakeholder Dialogue


The Oslo Action Plan: The Americas Free of Anti-Personnel Mines

Recent Success in Mine Clearance in the Region


National Demining Commission Executive Secretary Col. Juan José López Demuth



The Challenge of Improvised Anti-Personnel Mines

Colombia’s Demining Programme Coordinator Martha Hurtado


 Ecuador and Peru: A Shared Path

Ecuador: Brigadier General Francisco Armendariz Sáenz, Commander of the Army Corps of Engineers; and,

Peru: Army Colonel (ret.) Guillermo Portillo, Adviser, Ministry of Defense 


Closing Session – Second Day Preview




Opening of the Regional Stakeholder Dialogue

15:00-15:30  GMT+1 (09:00-09:30 GMT-5)

Voice of Mine-Affected Communities


Latin American Survivor’s Network



Ecuador: Achievements and Challenges in Mine Clearance

Staff Lieutenant Colonel, Commander of Ecuador’s 68 "Cotopaxi" Engineers Battalion, Marcelo Torres Garzón


Peru: Achievements and Challenges in Mine Clearance

Peru’s Director General for Humanitarian Demining, Army Brigadier General Jorge Agramonte Aguilar

Discussion: Cooperation and assistance from the donor perspective

The following States presented statements on cooperation and assistance in mine action,

  • Germany (in its capacity as MASG Chair)
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Norway
  • United States of America

 The following Organizations participated in the discussion asking questions

  • Mines Advisory Group (MAG)
  • Mine Action Review (MAR)

Closing of the event