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EU Joint Action 2008-2010

In 2008, the European Union sought to build upon its longstanding Convention support and did do so in the context of its December 2003 adoption of a European Security Strategy, based on effective multilateralism.

The European Union Joint Action in support of the universalisation and implementation of the Convention was adopted in June 2008.

A “Joint Action” is a coordinated effort of all EU Member States which features resources deployed to achieve objectives defined by the EU’s Council of Ministers.

The EU Joint Action in support of the Convention supported preparations for the Convention's Second Review Conference.

  • Five regional conferences or workshops were held in advance of the Cartagena Summit to help build momentum and enhance regional preparations for the Summit.
  • Technical advisory visits in the field of victim assistance were carried out to Afghanistan, Guinea-Bissau, Sudan, Uganda and Zambia.
  • Mine clearance technical visits were carried out in Chad, Guinea-Bissau, Nigeria and Uganda.
  • Article 7 transparency report assistance was given to Haiti.
  • One universalization visit was carried out to Mongolia.
  • The report of the EU Joint Action project can be viewed/downloaded below.