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Daily Update: Tuesday 13 May

Opening of the meeting

The meeting of the Standing Committee on Victim Assistance and Socio-Economic Reintegration (SCVA) was convened by its Co-Chairs, Ambassador Chesnel of France and Ms Fulvia Benavides-Cotes of Columbia, with the support of its Co-Rapporteurs, Mr Peter Truswell of Australia and Ms. Dijana Plestina of Croatia.

Overview of the status of implementation

The Co-Chairs provided their perspective on the general status of implementation as it pertains to the responsibility of States Parties to provide for the care, rehabilitation and reintegration of landmine survivors. The Co-Chairs noted that approximately 40 States Parties may required outside assistance in meeting this responsibility. The ICBL Working Group on Victim Assistance made a presentation PDF 82KB on its work on various indicators to measure progress in victim assistance.

National updates on implementation

The Co-Chairs stated that again the most important part of the agenda was the opportunity for affected States Parties to share national experiences. The following States Parties provided updates: Democratic Republic of the Congo French PDF 82KB, Colombia Spanish PDF 2.7MB, Djibouti, El Salvador, Cambodia, and Nicaragua. In addition, the United Nations provided an update on Afghanistan PDF 423KB and the Organization of American States did so with respect to Nicaragua. Also well, one State not Party - Turkey PDF 402KB - provided an update and two landmine survivors commented on the States' presentations.

Introduction of the "Raising the Voices" initiative

The South Asian and South East Asian participants in the Raising the Voices programme were introduced and welcomed by the Standing Committee.

Exchange of views on regional efforts

In keeping with the President Action Programme's emphasis on the value of regional efforts, the Co-Chairs provided an opportunity for various actors to share information on a variety of regional initiatives. The International Trust Fund for Demining and Mine Victim Assistance introduced the Landmine Monitor thematic coordinator, who provided an update PDF 104KB on research she is conducting on behalf of the ITF in South Eastern Europe. Handicap International, the Geneva Call, and South Africa - on behalf of the South African Development Community - also provided updates. A landmine survivor from Afghanistan contributed his comments PDF 47KB with respect to presentations delivered.

Updates on assistance and cooperation

The following States Parties provided updates and shared their views on the topic of assistance and cooperation: France, Sweden, the United Kingdom PDF 74KB, Japan, New Zealand, Austria, Luxembourg, Norway PDF 1MB and Senegal. In addition the UNDP and the ICRC PDF 42KB shared information on their efforts related to the care and rehabilitation of landmine survivors.

Maximising the Standing Committee as a vehicle for cooperation and assistance

Mexico and the Landmine Survivors Network PDF 40KB provided updates on efforts to establish a new international convention on the rights of persons with disabilities. The ICBL Working Group on Victim Assistance reported on ongoing efforts to encourage further cooperation by non-governmental organizations involved in the prosthetics services. Switzerland encouraged a greater relationship between the Standing Committee and broader efforts related to human security.