Co-Chairs :  
Mexico : Ambassador Antonio de Icaza,
Permanent Representative to the United Nations,
Switzerland : Ambassador Erwin H. Hofer, Permanent Representative
to the Conference on Disarmament,
Japan : M. Y. Morino, Deputy Director,
Arms Control and
Disarmament Division, Japan
Nicaragua : Ambassador L. Mejia Solis, Director General
for International Organisations,
WEDNESDAY, MARCH 29 15h 00 Opening of the meeting by the Co-chairs
  • General introduction by the Co-chairs
  • Reminder of purpose of the Intersessional process
  • Role of the GICHD
  • Purpose of the Second Meeting of the SCVA
  • Substance and procedure
  • Presentation of the draft introduction of the final report
  • (Strategic approach to victim assistance policy
15h 30 - 17h 00 Action point on Mine Awareness
  • Video presentation on mine awareness
  • Presentation by ICBL / ICRC
    Ms. Anne Capelle, Handicap International
  • Debate and conclusions
17h 00 - 17h 15 Coffee break17h 15 – 18h 15 Action point on Information and Data Coordination
  • Presentation by Switzerland
    Mr. Urs Zanitti, Program Co-ordinator Victim Assistance,
    Swiss Agency for Development and Co-operation
  • Debate and conclusions
18h 15 – 18h 30 Outlook on action points to be dealt with after SMSP THURSDAY, MARCH 309h 30 - 11h 00 Action point on Victim Assistance Reporting
  • Presentation by ICBL / Handicap International
    Mr. Paul Vermeulen, Director, Handicap International Switzerland
  • Debate and conclusions
11h 00 - 11h 15 Coffee break11h 15 - 13h 00 Action point on Donor Coordination
  • Presentation by Sweden
    Ambassador Per Almquist, Director Dept. for Global Co-operation,
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
  • Debate and conclusions
13h 00 - 14h 45 Luncheon 14h 45 - 16h 15 Action point on Portfolio of Country and Regional Projects
  • Presentation by ICBL
    Ms.Yukie Osa, Association for Aid and Relief, Japan (tbc)
  • Debate and conclusions
16h 15 - 16h 30 Coffee break16h 30 - 18h 00 Action point on Collection and Dissemination of "Guidelines"
  • Presentation by Nicaragua / Mexico
    Ms.Cecilia Sanchez Reyes, Minister Counsellor, Mission of Nicaragua , Geneva 
  • Debate and conclusions
18h 30 Reception hosted by the Director of the GICHD
Geneva Press Club, Route de Ferney 106, Geneva  FRIDAY, MARCH 319h 30 - 11h 00 Adoption of conclusions
  • Strategic Approach to Victim Assistance Policy
  • Information and Data Coordination
  • Victim Assistance Reporting
  • Portfolio of Country and Regional Projects
  • Collection and Dissemination of "Guidelines"
  • Donor Coordination
  • Mine Awareness
  • Recommendations on future action of the SCVA
11h 00 – 11h 15 Coffee break11h 15 – 12h 30 Continuation of adoption of conclusions12h 30 – 13h 00 Follow-up activities prior to the Second Meeting of the States
Parties to the Convention on the Prohibition of the Use,
Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-personnel Mines
and on their Destruction (SMSP) in September 2000
.13h 00 Closure of the meeting