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Final Agenda

15h00 Welcome

A) Standards and Criteria

- Revising technical standards for mine action :

  1. Update of the International UN Standards for Humanitarian Mine Clearance, including work on glossary and mine action terminology

Martin Barber, Chief of UNMAS
Alaistair McAslan, GICHD


    Sayed Aqa, ICBL.MAWG Chair

- Revising Guidelines for Mine Action.

  1. Requirements for successful mine action : crucial needs for conducive operating environment

    Bill Howell, Handicap International

  2. Dissemination of good practices and revision of guidelines and principles

    Tim Carstairs, MAG or Per Nergaard, NPA

16h45 Coffee Break

B) Measures of Impact and Benefit
- Supporting socio-economic analysis in planning and evaluating mine action

Judy Greyson, UNMAS

- Improving the quality of mine action (information from the field)

  1. Global review of Landmines Impact Surveys

    Bob Eaton, SAC

  2. IMADS: Integrated Mine Action Development Strategy

    Olaf Jurgensen, IDRC

18:00 Adjournment

Wednesday, December 6, 2000

09h00 Coffee served

C) Coordination
- Improving the exchanges of mine action information

  1. Information and communication technologies project: ICT

    Olaf Jurgensen, IDRC

  2. Landmine Monitor: new data available

    Christian Ruge , ICBL-Landmine Monitor

  3. Update of IMSMA

    Noel Mulliner, UNMAS

    Allan Arnold, GICHD

  4. Implementation of IMSMA in the Americas

Carlos Orozco, OAS-Nicaragua

- Coordination Mechanisms

  1. UN coordination aspects – national and international (UNMAS/UNDP)
  2. Regional Coordination in the Americas

William McDonough, OAS

- Role of Community Liaison (ICBL-MAWG)

11h00 Coffee Break

D) Planning and Prioritisation

- Critical Issues

  1. National Planning: A Case Study

    Sayed Aqa, ICBL-MAWG Chair or
    Colonel Mansour Al-Azi, Yemen

  2. Landmine Impact Surveys and National Planning

    Bob Eaton, SAC

  3. Identifying gaps (UNDP)

- Enhancing transparency in mine action funding

  1. Update on the Portfolio of Mine Action Projects

    Noel Mulliner, UNMAS

  2. Update on the compendium document

    Tim Carstairs, MAG

  3. Update on the Database of Mine Action Investments (UNMAS/Canada)

13h00 Lunch Break


E) Building National Capacity

- Application of the guidelines on the Use of Militaries

Noel Mulliner, UNMAS

- Developing indigenous capacities for mine action

  1. Training programmes

    Judy Greyson, UNDP
    Mike MacAlpine, Cranfield University


Mohammed Younnis, Director of META, Afghanistan

16:45 Coffee Break

F) Technologies for Mine Action
- Improving the testing and evaluation of demining equipment

Kaj Horberg, ITEP

- Study on the use of dogs

Noel Mulliner, UNMAS
Paddy Blagden-GICHD

- Appropriate technologies issues (ICBL-MAWG)

17h45 Closing remarks from the Co-Chairs

18h00 Adjournment