Agenda Item #10

The General Exchange of Views continued on the third day of the Fifth Meeting of the States Parties. The following States Parties made statements:

The following States that ratified or acceded to the Convention but for which the Convention has not yet entered into force made statements:

The following States that signed the Convention but which have not yet ratified it made statements:

The following other States made statements:

The following observer organizations made statements:

  • United Nations PDF 447KB
  • Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining PDF 147KB 
  • International Campaign to Ban Landmines PDF 113KB 
  • Organization of American States

Agenda Item #11

Discussions began on the review of the general status and operation of the Convention. In keeping with tradition, the agenda item was organized in such a manner that saw the Kenyan Vice-President of the meeting call upon the Co-Chairs of the Standing Committee on the General Status and Operation of the Convention, Austria and Peru, to introduce each of the principal matters discussed by the Standing Committee in 2002-2003. The following States Parties, observer States and observer organizations shared their views and provided updates on various topics:

The General Status of Implementation

  • Vice-President of the Fifth Meeting (Kenya)


  • Canada
  • Ms. Paddy Tornsey, Member of Parliament, Canada
  • Mr. Frank Cook, Member of Parliament, United Kingdom
  • Switzerland
  • Geneva Call PDF 65KB
  • Colombia
  • Turkey
  • Thailand
  • Austria PDF 54KB
  • Chile
  • The Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
  • Japan

Mobilising Resources

Intersessional Work Programme

  • Note: It was the view of the Vice-President that the Co-Chairs' proposals regarding the 2003-2004 Intersessional Work Programme were acceptable to the Fifth Meeting. These proposals included dates for upcoming Standing Committee meetings being 9-12 February 2004 and 21-15 June 2004.

Coordinating Committee

  • Belgium, in its capacity as the 2002-2003 Chair of the Coordinating Committee.
  • Note: It was the view of the Vice-President that the States Parties again inter alia wished to recognize the value of and express appreciation for the Coordinating Committee.

Implementation Support Unit

  • Note: The Director of the GICHD presented the Report on the Functioning of the Implementation Support Unit, September 2002 - September 2003 PDF 18KB and provided an update PDF 118KB  along with one provided by the Manager of the Implementation Support Unit.
  • Belgium
  • New Zealand
  • Sweden
  • Mexico Spanish PDF 43KB 
  • Canada
  • Thailand
  • Kenya

Sponsorship Programme

  • The United Kingdom in its capacity as coordinator of the Sponsorship Programme provided an update PDF 72KB

Matters pertaining to Article 1

  • Mexico Spanish PDF 31KB 
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom
  • ICBL

Matters pertaining to Article 2

  • Germany
  • France
  • Norway PDF 50KB 
  • Mexico Spanish PDF 31KB
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • ICBL
  • Kenya
  • New Zealand
  • Note: As time ran out, further discussion was postponed until Day 4 of the Fifth Meeting.