Resource Mobilisation: The President facilitated a general discussion on assistance and cooperation, with much of the discussion centred on a Norwegian non-paper on resource mobilisation.
Non paper by Norway PDF 82KB

Victim Assistance: The 2001-2002 Co-Chairs of the Standing Committee on Victim Assistance and Socio-Economic Reintegration reminded participants that approximately 43 States Parties may require assistance in helping meet the care, rehabilitation and reintegration needs of landmine survivors. They emphasised that the challenge of meeting these needs is compounded by the fact that some of the countries with the greatest numbers of mine victims are also some of the world’s poorest countries and that the need to assist survivors exists for as long as there are landmine survivors. In addition, the Co-Chairs will underlined the importance of providing and sharing information on the resources needed and available for matters pertaining to victim assistance and the successful implementation of Article 6.3.
Update on the Raising the Voices program PDF 79KB 
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Mine Clearance: The 2001-2002 Co-Chairs of the Standing Committee on Mine Clearance, Mine Awareness and Mine Action Technologies gave an overview of the work of the 2001-2002 Standing Committee. In order to assess the achievements regarding mine clearance and to identify future requirements, the Co-Chairs introduced a study providing aggregate information. The Co-Chairs encouraged States Parties to share their national experiences in the field and to provide information about recent developments in mine clearance, mine risk education and mine action technologies.
Statement of ICBL on article 5 obligations PDF 72KB
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Statement of ICBL on Mine Risk Reduction Education PDF 47KB 
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Stockpile Destruction: The 2001-2002 Co-Chairs of the Standing Committee on Stockpile Destruction introduced an overview of the current stockpile destruction situation. They highlighted that while most States Parties that have stockpiles to destroy are proceeding well in their destruction activities, there is a need to focus on identifying the assistance needs of a few cases that may have difficulty in meeting close deadlines. The Co-Chairs provided States Parties with an opportunity to share updates on their destruction of anti-personnel mines (Article 4 obligations). In addition, States Parties and others in a position to do so were provided with an opportunity to provide updates on assistance that they are able to offer.
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