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Summary of Decisions and Actions

The Third Meeting of the States Parties (3MSP) was held in Managua, Nicaragua, 18-21 September 2001 under the presidency of H.E. Francisco Xavier Aguirre Sacasa, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Nicaragua.

Returning to a mine-affected country for a third annual meeting reminded the States Parties of the devastating effects of anti-personnel mines on individuals and communities. The States Parties were also witness, though, to the importance of their work in addressing the problems faced by the Nicaraguan people, and countless others in countries around the world.

The outcomes of the 3MSP included the following:

The States Parties endorsed, and expressed satisfaction with, the work of the Standing Committees, warmly welcoming the reports of the Standing Committtes. In addition, the States Parties accepted a minor change to the committee structure used in the Intersessional Work Programme by shifting responsibilities for mine awareness to a committee which in the subsequent period became known as the Standing Committee on Mine Clearance, Mine Awareness and Mine Action Technologies.

At the 3MSP, a "President's Action Programme" was again warmly welcomed as a practical means of facilitating implementation of the Convention in accordance with the recommendations made the Standing Committees.

On the basis of a President's Paper which they endorsed, the States Parties warmly welcomed the establishment, within the GICHD, of an Implementation Support Unit to further enhance the operation and the implementation of the Convention.

The States Parties recognised and expressed satisfaction with the efforts of Belgium and the non-governmental organisation VERTIC to develop and distribute an Article 7 reporting guide.

At the last plenary session of the 3MSP, the "Declaration of the Second Meeting of the States Parties" was adopted.