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Day 2 | Tuesday 30 November

9.    Presentation of Article 5 Mine Clearance Requests

Chad presented is request for a three year extension, until 1 January 2014. The President of the Second Review presented the analysis of Chad’s request. Following these presentations, the following delegations offered their views: the ICBL, Australia, Mauritania, Angola, Algeria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Tunisia.

  • Chad’s extension request executive summary
  • Analysis of Chad’s request PDF 69KB
  • ICBL PDF 309KB
  • Australia PDF 56KB
  • Mauritania
  • Angola
  • Algeria
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Tunisia

The following delegations provided additional remarks under this agenda item: the ICBL, Canada, Guinea Bissau, Switzerland and the ICRC.

10.    Enhancing International Cooperation and Assistance

The President noted that he had presented a paper to provide suggested guidance to delegations on how they may wish to engage in their discussion on cooperation and assistance. The President of the Second Review Conference presented her paper entitled “Strengthening International Cooperation and Assistance in support of mine action and implementation of the Convention”. In addition, Zambia presented its proposal on “Establishment of a Standing Committee on Resources, Cooperation and Assistance”.

  • Guidance to delegations on the cooperation and assistance agenda item
  • Discussion paper on cooperation and assistance PDF 35KB
  • Proposal to establish a new Standing Committee PDF 29KB

The following delegations took part in the discussion on enhancing international cooperation and assistance: the ICBL, Canada, Cambodia, Germany, Argentina, the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), the ICRC, Peru, South Africa, Ireland, Switzerland, Algeria, Brazil, Chad, Japan, the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS), the GICHD, Norway, Thailand, Angola, Tunisia, Colombia, Slovenia, New Zealand, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Nigeria, Denmark, Botswana, Australia, Botswana, Jordan, Uganda, Ukraine, Ecuador, the Philippines and Belgium.

11.    B – Clearing Mined Areas

The 10MSP commenced with its thematic discussion on clearing mined areas in accordance with the meeting’s “consideration of the general status and operation of the Convention.

The President recalled that, in Action #13 of the Cartagena Action Plan, it was agreed that the States Parties that have been granted Article 5 extensions will ensure that progress toward completion proceeds in accordance with the commitments made in their extension requests and the decisions taken on their requests, and, report regularly on such progress, including at Meetings of the States Parties. The following States Parties that have been granted requests at previous meetings provided updates: Nicaragua, Argentina, Cambodia, Croatia, Ecuador, Jordan, Mozambique, Peru and Tajikistan. During its presentation, the Minister of Defence of Nicaragua, Ruth Tapia Roa, formally declared that Nicaragua had completed implementation of Article 5.