Co-Chairs: Japan and Nicaragua
Rapporteurs: Canada and Honduras



10:00 Opening Remarks

    • Opening of the week of intersessional work by the President of the Second Meeting of the States Parties and the Director of the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining.
    • Opening of the Standing Committee meeting by the Co-Chairs.

10:30 Raising the Voices of Landmine Survivors

    • An initiative to provide leadership training to build the capacities of landmines survivors to serve as advocates, representatives and organizers.
      Becky Jordan, ICBL Working Group on Victim Assistance

11:30 Coffee Break

11:45 Linking resources with needs

    • An update on work undertaken to obtain a better picture of how well the mine action community is doing in addressing the global level of need.
      Luciano Loiacono, ICBL Working Group on Victim Assistance
    • An update on the ICBL Working Group’s Portfolio project.
      Raquel Willerman, ICBL Working Group on Victim Assistance
    • An update on actions undertaken with respect to the advice provided on using the Article 7 reporting format’s "Form J" to report on victim assistance.
      Maria Auxiliadora Cuadra, Vice-Minister of Defence, Nicaragua;
      Kevin Hamilton, Mine Action Team, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Canada

    13:00 Lunch Break

    15:00 Implementing lessons learned related to the coordination of victim assistance

      • An update on the Framework for Planning Integrated Victim Assistance Programs
        Flavio Del Ponte, Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation
        Duarte Joaquim, Ministry of Social Affairs, Mozambique
      • Workshop on Victim Assistance in South East Asia
        Paul Vermeulen, Handicap International
      • GICHD / UNMAS Project
        Eric Filipino, Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining
        Stephane Vigie, United Nations Mine Action Service

      16:15 Coffee Break

      16:30 Guidelines, Information Dissemination and Information Management

        • Report on actions taken with respect to focal points and the compilation of victim assistance guidelines.
        • A review of and experiences in implementing the UN Standard Rules.
          Lars Lööw, Disability Ombudsman, Sweden
          Evangelina Calderon, Technical Advisor, Ministry of Labour, Honduras
          Ouk Sisovann, Disability Action Council, Cambodia

      18:00 Adjournment

      Tuesday, May 8, 2001

      10:00 Social and Economic Reintegration

        • The experience of implementing lessons learned related to vocational rehabilitation.
          Irma Specht, Socio-Economic Reintegration Specialist, International Labour Office
          Beatriz Elena Gutierrez, Human Rights Presidential Programme, Colombia
        • A review of efforts being undertaken on psycho-social rehabilitation, including peer counselling.
          Steven Estey, Council of Canadians with Disabilities
        • The World Rehabilitation Fund’s Draft Guidelines for Socio-Economic Reintegration of Landmine Survivors
          Jack Victor, World Rehabilitation Fund

        11:30 Coffee Break

        11:45 Mine Awareness

          • An update on the GICHD’s study on media and mine awareness
            Eric Filipino, Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining
          • An update on the seminar in Yemen on mine awareness
            Christina Nelke, Radda Barnen
          • An update of UNICEF’s mine awareness efforts
            Polly Brennan, UNICEF
          • Mine awareness in the Americas
            William McDonough, Organization of American States

          12:45 Closing remarks by Co-Chairs

          13:00 Meeting ends.