Co-Chairs : Netherlands and Peru
Co-Rapporteurs : Germany and Yemen

Agenda :


Brief Presentations by the Co-Chairs

  1. Standards and Criteria

    1. International Mine Action Standards (IMAS)
      - Brief introduction by UNMAS
      - Presentation by GICHD, Mr. Adrian Wilkinson

    2. Impact of Standards on the field
      - ICBL Mine Action Working Group (Mohammed Younnis, Chief of META, Afghanistan)

    3. General Discussion

16:45 Coffee Break

  1. Measures of Impact and Benefit

    1. Social-economic analysis in mine action
      - Presentation by UNDP (Ian Mansfield, UNDP)

    2. Project Assistance to Mine Affected Communities (AMAC)
      - Presentation by International Peace Research Institute, Oslo (PRIO)

    3. Landmines Impact Surveys
      - Update on new surveys by the Survey Action Center (Bob Eaton, SAC and Col. Bechir, Chad)

    4. General Discussion

18:00 Adjournment

18:30 Reception hosted by the Director of the GICHD
WMO building, 7 bis avenue de la Paix, attique floor


Wednesday, 9 May (Morning Session)

9: 00 Coffee served

9:30 Opening of the Morning Session

  1. Technologies for Mine Action

    1. First part (9.30-10.30 hours): Presentations

    1.1 Mr. Wolfgang Boch, Head of Unit, European Commission, DG Information Society-B4 (or Mr Pascal Collotte): 'EU R&D activities as part of the IST Programme'

    1.2 Dr H.M.A. Schleijpen, Head Research Group, Electro-Optical Propagation and Signature Management, TNO Physics and Electronics Laboratory, the Netherlands

    1.3 Dr Alois J.Sieber, Head of Unit, Technologies for Detection & Positioning, Institute for Systems, Informatics and Safety, European Commission, Joint Research Centre: 'The integration of technology into planning and procurement'

    1.4 Dr R.D.Suart, Director CCMAT: 'The importance of T&E in improving integration/update of ITEP'

    2. Second part (10.45-13.00 hours): Forum Discussion on how to improve integration of technology and demining actions in the field and how to improve cooperation between R&D/industry people and deminers

    Members of the Forum:

    2.1 Mr Vernon Joynt, South-Africa: 'An R&D perspective'
    2.2 Mr Hemi Morete, UNMAS: ' The integration of technology into the UN five year mine action strategy'
    2.3 Mr Patrick Blagden, Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining: 'Technology and the mine ban treaty'
    2.4 Mr Sayed Aqa, Afghanistan: 'Views from the field'

    Discussion/future actions

(11:00 Coffee Break)

13:00 Lunch Break


Wednesday, 9 May (Afternoon Session)

15:00 Opening of the Afternoon Session

  1. Coordination, Planning and Prioritisation

    1. Information Management System for Mine Action (IMSMA)
      - Presentation by GICHD: Mr. Alan Arnold "Looking forward"/Mr. Thomas Bollinger "Training and Deployment"

    2. Landmine Monitor
      - Update on the preparation of the third edition of the Landmine Monitor (Christian Ruge, NPA-Landmine Monitor- Mine Action Thematic Coordinator)

    3. UN Coordination
      Presentation on the Fourth International Meeting of Mine Action Programme Directors and Advisors (UNMAS)

      Portfolio on Mine Action Projects
      - Update by UNMAS

      Database of Mine Action Investments
      - Update by UNMAS

      UN consolidated appeal process (CAP)
      - Presentation by UNMAS

    4. Compendium Document of NGO Projects
      - Update by MAG (Tim Carstairs, MAG)

16:45 Coffee Break

    1. National Coordination
      - Comments by ICBL MAWG (Sayed Aqa, Chair)

    2. General Discussion

17:45 Closing remarks by the Co-Chairs

18:00 Adjournment