• Stockpile Destruction
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Final Agenda


09h00 Coffee served

09h30 Welcome and introduction

Morning Session:
Status of stockpile destruction, problems and possible solutions

09h45 Reporting on the progress in stockpile destruction on a regional basis and globally

Moderator: Stephen Goose, HRW

Progress in the Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, and an overview of global progress.
(The States Parties are encouraged to make brief presentations on the status of their national stockpile destruction with identification of problems encountered).

11h00 Coffee Break

11h30 Continuation of the discussion

13h00 Lunch Break

Afternoon Session:
President’s Action Programme, SCE recommendations (1999-2000) and other parallel activities with regard to stockpile destruction and its promotion.

15h00 Providing assistance for stockpile destruction.

Moderator: Cecilia Sanchez, Nicaragua

  • UN International Standards for Stockpile Destruction
  • Information on Stockpile Destruction Management Training Course, 11 - 15 June 2001, Thun, Switzerland
  • Outcome of the Buenos Aires Stockpile Destruction Seminar, 06 - 07 November 2000
  • Operation of the NATO Partnership for Peace Trust Fund
  • Other activities and discussion on the topic

16h00 Improving the exchange of information on stockpile destruction

Moderator: Adrian Wilkinson, GICHD

  • Information on stockpile destruction data base web-site AND
  • Case studies– lessons learned/promotion of information exchange and cooperation
  • Role of Landmine Monitor and Article 7 reporting
  • Discussion on the topic

16h30 Coffee break

16h45 Exchange of information – continuation of discussion

17h15 Destroying mines in an efficient and environmentally-sound manner

Moderator: Ambassador Dan Livermore, Canada DFAIT

  • Spring 2001 Seminar on PFM mines in Hungary
  • Technical Factors Influencing the Destruction Methodology for the PFM Mine
  • Experience of particular states or companies and other environmental issues in stockpile destruction
  • Discussion on the topic

17h45 Summing up the meeting – conclusions and recommendations

18h00 Meeting ends