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Support to individual States Parties

  • Mine Clearance: The ISU provides advice and support to individual States Parties which are in the process of implementing the Convention’s mine clearance obligations, including by assisting them in understanding completion as understood by the States Parties, enhancing awareness of the relationship between Convention obligations and operational aspects of demining, preparing an extension of mine clearance deadlines and preparing a declaration of completion.

  • Victim Assistance: The ISU provides advice and support to individual States Parties in applying, in accordance with the national context, the victim assistance understandings adopted by the States Parties. This includes supporting States Parties in establishing or enhancing an inter-ministerial process to incorporate the Convention’s promise to landmine survivors into broader approaches to disability, human rights and health care.
  • Transparency Reporting: The ISU assists individual States Parties in preparing transparency reports, particularly by advising States Parties which are in the process of clearing mined areas in providing clarity in accordance with Convention obligations.
  • Implementation Challenges: The ISU is available to respond to what amounts to numerous requests each year on the part of individual States Parties for advice and support to overcome a wide variety of implementation challenges, including responding to questions such as the following:

    • What should be considered in establishing national implementing legislation and what assistance is available?
    • How can a State Party that needs financial assistance enhance its ability to receive it?
    • What should a State Party do with respect to the discovery of previously unknown stockpiled mines?
    • What steps can be taken to address a concern about compliance?
    • How can a State Party measure its efforts to assist survivors?

  • Universalisation: The ISU supports States Parties which are active in promoting further acceptance of the Convention, including by providing background documentation, developing country-specific universalisation strategies, accompanying representatives of States Parties in carrying out universalisation activities and supporting the work of Special Envoy His Royal Highness Prince Mired Raad Al Hussein of Jordan.
  • Small States: The ISU is cognisant of the fact that almost one-third of all States Parties are considered small States and that, as such, these States face unique challenges in implementing, complying with and participating in the work of the Convention. The ISU works closely with individual small States Parties to overcome these unique challenges.