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Support to all States Parties

  • Coordinating Committee: The ISU serves as the secretariat to the Coordinating Committee, which features the President and Co-Chairs, and to the Committees. In addition, it provides support to the various committees, and prepares the Intersessional Work Programme ensuring a sound relationship between intersessional work and the formal meetings of the Convention.
  • Article 5 Analysing Group:  The ISU serves as the secretariat to the group of States Parties which is mandated to analyse requests for extensions of mine clearance deadlines. This includes preparing agendas and compiling background information, coordinating expert input, executing follow-up actions in accordance with the decisions of the group and making key documentation available to all delegations.
  • Contact Groups: The ISU supports the coordinators of, and those participating in, the informal Universalisation Contact Group and Article 7 Contact Group, including by providing background information, disseminating communications on behalf of coordinators and carrying out follow-up actions.
  • Sponsorship Programme: The ISU provides a proposed strategic approach to the coordinator of the Convention’s informal Sponsorship Programme twice annually and then acts to implement the decisions of the Sponsorship Programme Donors’ Group.