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  • Authoritative Information: By virtue of its mandate to support the States Parties and to communicate on their behalf, the ISU serves as the authoritative information source on the Convention and makes available, or is in position to provide upon request, information on the status and implementation of the Convention which may be required by States Parties, the media, academics and students, and others.
  • Publications: The ISU produces publications on the Convention and in support of the Convention’s meetings. The ISU has produced important reference publications which contain compilations of the victim assistance and mine clearance understandings adopted by the States Parties.
  • Training: The ISU aims to disseminate the understandings adopted by the States Parties through seminars and training courses. The ISU can deliver, for example, training on the following topics:
  • The international legal framework related to demining: implications for operations
  • Understanding victim assistance in the context of disarmament, development and disability
  • Good practice in the preparation of transparency reports
  • An overview of the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention and its status
  • Conferences and Workshops: The ISU regularly delivers presentations at regional or national conferences or workshops on matters pertaining to the Convention, including on the obligations and status of the Convention, on particular aspects concerning the implementation of the Convention and on learning lessons from the implementation of the Ant-Personnel Mine Ban Convention for applicability in other issue areas.
  • Website: The ISU maintains the Convention’s website, which amounts to the electronic archives for the Convention.
  • Documentation Centre: As part of its original 2001 mandate, the ISU established the Convention’s Documentation Centre, housed at the GICHD, which contains thousands of documents related to the Ottawa Process, Meetings of the States Parties / Review Conferences, the Intersessional Work Programme and country-specific implementation efforts.
  • Media Relations: The ISU prepares and distributes press releases on behalf of the President and individual States Parties, and otherwise maintains frequent contact with journalists to ensure that the press is well informed about the implementation of the Convention.
  • Social Media: The ISU maintains the Convention’s presence on the main social media platforms, thereby helping extend the reach of messages and information on the implementation process.
  • Student Programmes: The ISU hosts numerous student groups each year for the purpose of building interest in the Convention on the part of a new generation of leaders, activists and implementation supporters. The ISU has developed interactive exercises which feature students learning by doing when they visit the ISU.