Swaziland acceded to the Convention on 22 December 1998, and the Convention entered into force for Swaziland on 1 June 1999.

Stockpile Destruction (Article 4)

In its initial transparency report submitted on 16 February 2000, Swaziland indicated it did not have any stockpiled anti-personnel mines under its ownership or possession or under its jurisdiction or control.

Mine Clearance (Article 5)

In its initial transparency report, Swaziland indicated that there were areas under its jurisdiction or control in which anti-personnel mines were known or suspected to be emplaced.

In accordance with Article 5 of the Convention, Swaziland undertook to destroy or ensure the destruction of all anti-personnel mines in these areas as soon as possible but not later than 1 June 2009.

On 19 November 2007, at the Eighth Meeting of the States Parties in Jordan, Swaziland declared that it had fulfilled its obligation under Article 5 of the Convention as of 31 August 2007.

Swaziland's Declaration of Completion, 2007

Swaziland's Article 7 transparency report submitted in 2013 PDF530KB