Spain ratified the Convention on 19 January 1999, and the Convention entered into force for Spain on 1 July 1999.

Stockpile Destruction (Article 4)

In its initial transparency report submitted on 15 December 1999, Spain reported stockpiled anti-personnel mines under its ownership or possession or under its jurisdiction or control. 

In its transparency report submitted on 15 April 2001, Spain reported that it had completed the destruction of all stockpiled anti-personnel mines.

In total, Spain reported having destroyed 849,365 mines.

Retained Mines (Article 3)

Notwithstanding the obligation to destroy all stockpiled anti-personnel mines, the Convention permits the retention of the minimum number of anti-personnel mines absolutely necessary for the development of and training in mine detection, mine clearance, or mine destruction techniques.

As of 2018, Spain has reported having retained 1,547 anti-personnel mines for these permitted purposes. These mines are used for the development of the “Advanced Global System to Eliminate Anti-Personnel Mines” and for demining training courses.

Mine Clearance (Article 5)

Spain reported no mined areas under its jurisdiction or control.

Update on Cooperation and Assistance
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