In the context of the European Union Council Decision 2017/1428, the European Union will support a mine clearance regional stakeholder dialogue.

Africa is the continent with the highest number of States Parties with remaining Article 5 obligations. For this reason, the African Union (AU) is actively promoting the need for States Parties in the region to fulfill their Convention commitments as soon as possible.

It is clear that many States Parties in Africa will need technical and/or financial assistance to meet their Convention's 2025 ambition. With this in mind, the African Union Peace and Security Secretariat, with support of the Convention's Implementation Support Unit - as the technical implementer of the EU project - is planning a regional Dialogue.

The Dialogue will seek to serve as a platform to promote cooperation and assistance among and towards AU Members carrying out Article 5 commitments under the Convention. The African Union, ISU and partners, the UNOAU and UN Mine Action Services, hope to carry out the regional Dialogue in Addis Ababa once Covid-19 restrictions are eased in the region.