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Day 2 | Tuesday 4 December

9a. Presentation of requests submitted under Article 5

The following two States Parties presented requests for extensions of their Article 5 mine clearance deadlines: Cyprus and Zimbabwe. The 11MSP President introduced the analyses that had been prepared with respect to these requests.

The following delegations shared views with respect to the request submitted by the Zimbabwe: Angola, Australia, the ICBL and the ICRC.


9b. Reflecting on the Article 5 extension request process

The President recalled that the 11MSP noted that the Article 5 extension request process places a heavy burden on the representatives of those States Parties that are mandated to analyse the requests. The President further recalled that, in this context, it was recommended that those States Parties mandated to analyse requests in 2012 reflect on the process to date with a view to identifying efficient methods to ensure that high quality requests and analyses are prepared and with a view to recommendations on this matter being submitted for consideration at the 12MSP. The 11MSP President presented the recommendations that the analysing group had submitted to the 12MSP.

  • Reflections on the Article 5 Extensions Process PDF 92KB

The following delegations shared views with respect to the recommendations made on the extension request process: France, Mexico, Senegal, the ICBL and the ICRC.

The President concluded by note that there was appreciation for the recommendations paper that has been prepared by the analysing group and that our final report should reflect the encouragement for States Parties, as relevant, to implement the recommendations contained therein.


10a. Consideration of the general status and operation of the Convention: Assisting the victims

The Co-Chairs of the Standing Committee on Victim Assistance provided an overview of the general status of victim assistance.

The following States Parties which have reported the responsibility for significant numbers of mine victims provided updates on their efforts: Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Burundi, Chad, Colombia, Mozambique, Sudan, Croatia, Guinea-Bissau, Iraq, Jordan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Serbia, Senegal, Peru, South Sudan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Tajikistan, Thailand, Uganda and Cambodia.

The following other delegations provided information on victim assistance efforts or shared views on this matter: the ICBL, Zambia, Chile, Mexico, Australia, Norway, Algeria, the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the ICRC, and UNMAS.